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Home Elevation Program Meant To Lessen Flood Damage

Ten years ago, Hurricane Katrina ravaged a swath of Louisiana's shoreline. Since then, residents determined to rebuild near the coast have a new mantra: high and dry.

REELZ TV Network Will Air Miss USA Pageant
Investigators Say Weather Caused Mount Zion AME Church To Burn
NPR Topics: World
Divided Greek Voters To Decide Country's Fate Within The Eurozone

Sunday's referendum exposes a deep divide: Those who feel Greece is the victim of a conspiracy by global capitalism, and those who want it to act in harmony with the practices of the European Union.

Greece's Bailout Referendum Boils Down To: Yes Or No
Holy Moly! The World Is Strange And Incredible, Travel Website CEO Says
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How Personal Should A Personal Assistant Get? Google And Apple Disagree

When you're buying a smartphone, chances are you don't dig too deeply into the personal assistant. Google aims to change that — and in the process, it's testing our appetite for privacy in a big way.

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Implementation Of Obamacare Remains A Work In Progress

With last week's Supreme Court decision, it appears the Affordable Care Act will stand, but that doesn't mean troubles are over for the law. Renee Montagne talks to Julie Rovner of the Kaiser Family Foundation about other issues with Obamacare.

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The Legal Business Of Marijuana Is Growing But The Industry Lacks Diversity

The business of selling marijuana legally — for medical and recreational purposes — is growing. But so are concerns that African-Americans are being shut out of this new industry.

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The Annual Reading Of The Declaration Of Independence

Morning Edition celebrates July 4th with the reading of the Declaration of Independence.

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As Much As The GOP Wants Change, Republicans Drag Their Feet

Republicans have talked about overhauling the party since President Obama's reelection. But is the GOP ready to move on and change?

Advocates Call On Washington To Fix The Criminal Justice System Already
REELZ TV Network Will Air Miss USA Pageant
NPR Topics: Economy
Greece's Bailout Referendum Boils Down To: Yes Or No

On Sunday, the people of Greece will vote on their country's future. What happens when voters are asked to choose between two options that could send their country down two very different paths?

Busy Travel Weekend Raises Concerns About Transportation Infrastructure
New Rules Could Create A New Class Of Overtime Workers
Find more about Weather in Elkhart, IN
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