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Coping In A Drier World: California's Drought Survival Strategy

The dearth of water in this state is showing no signs of easing. Officials have introduced plans to revamp the water rationing and distribution systems until the rains come. If they ever come.

How Did 'Good Girls' From Colorado Get Recruited By ISIS?
Broadcaster Luther Masingill Was A Fixture In Chattanooga
NPR Topics: World
Drones Are Taking Pictures That Could Demystify A Malaria Surge

How is a rare strain of malaria spreading near cities in Southeast Asia? That's the question that's been puzzling a team of scientists. And they're using drones to find the answer.

How Did 'Good Girls' From Colorado Get Recruited By ISIS?
Soldier, Gunman Dead After Ottawa Shooting
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The Slide Rule: A Computing Device That Put A Man On The Moon

Before the smartphone, the laptop and the pocket calculator, there was a powerful mechanical computer. Our new series, Tools of the Trade, begins with a look at the slide rule.

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NPR Programs: All Things Considered
Music Review: 'You're Dead!' By Flying Lotus

Steven Ellison has built an impressive reputation among critics and fans in the know for mixing hip hop, jazz and electronica into something original. But even for the aforementioned followers, the new album from Ellison — better-known as Flying Lotus — is a surprise. It's all about death, not as something to be mourned but as a journey to be anticipated.

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How Did 'Good Girls' From Colorado Get Recruited By ISIS?

Three Denver-area teenaged girls were arrested after leaving the U.S. and seeking to join militants of the Islamic State in Syria. The teenagers were arrested in Germany over the weekend and returned home by the FBI on Monday. Robert Siegel talks to Megan Verlee of Colorado Public Radio.

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Soldier, Gunman Dead After Ottawa Shooting

Audie Cornish talks to Kim Mackrael, Parliamentary reporter for the Globe and Mail in Ottawa. She went to the scene of Wednesday's shooting and talked to people who believe they saw the suspect.

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NPR Topics: Politics
Want Your Absentee Vote To Count? Don't Make These Mistakes

About one in five voters now mail in their ballots, but many get rejected because they arrive late, the voter forgets to sign the form or the signature does not match the one on record.

Soldier Killed, Suspect Dead In Shooting Near Canadian Parliament
Obama Sits Out Campaigning As Fill-Ins Stump For Democrats
NPR Topics: Economy
Halloween-Thanksgiving-Hanukkah-Christmas-New-Year Buying Begins

Most retailers are feeling optimistic as analysts forecast rising sales over this long shopping season. They are hoping Halloween will give them a good bounce into the peak spending time of the year.

Duke Energy CEO: 'I Don't Think Of Myself As A Powerful Woman'
When The Economy Goes Down, Vasectomies Go Up
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